Artful Play Richmond
                                 ‘Artful Play Richmond’ is excited to share that we are a PLAY 60, Play On grant winner!
                                                                         In conjunction with Community Ventures, as a fiscal sponsor, Darlene Rios Drapkin of Urban Transformation,                                                                           and Holly J Carter as the lead designer and “play” artist, ‘Artful Play Richmond’ was awarded a $24,000 grant                                                                          from PLAY 60, Play On, an initiative presented by the 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation.
                                                                         Putting kids and families first in the San Francisco Bay Area by transforming everyday spaces
                                                                         into places for play.
                                                                          Guided by KaBOOM!, grantees will deliver “play everywhere” - creative and  innovative
                                                                          neighborhood projects have made balanced and active play more easily accessible so kids can thrive.
                                                                          The number of kids positively impacted grew in the months leading up to Super Bowl 50 as playful 
                                                                          transformations occured at grocery stores, in empty lots, on sidewalks, crosswalks and closed streets                                                                                     all over the Bay Area.

Today, 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation have awarded $750,000 to 21 Bay Area cities, nonprofit organizations, businesses and
This grant has helped us fund the ‘Artful Play Richmond’ project including an Artful Play Welcome Area at Grant Elementary School, an Artful Play walk through a Richmond neighborhood, and an Event to celebrate the finish of the project. Please like our Artful Play Event on Facebook!
Grant Artful Play Welcome Area                   
Provides an Artful waiting and play area for the community, parents, and siblings of Grant Elementary School, especially those in the after school program in order to alleviate unsafe waiting/lining up in the
parking lot and engage them in creative play.

Artful Play Through Richmond                
Engage the Richmond community and their children in Artful Play through the streets of Richmond.
Providing spots to stop, play, and learn about art on everyday walks through neighboring streets,
from a nearby school, and walking field trips to the Richmond Art Center. Grant Elementary school
is the closest neighboring school to the Richmond Art Center and a great place to start a path of
Artful play. There are three proposed paths from the school, one small path down Clinton Avenue
toward the 23rd street crosswalk and down Grant Avenue toward 23rd street that many families
use to and from school, as well as community members. The second path is toward Barrett Avenue
and the Richmond Art Center via 24th street. Along the path there will be painted stations of Artful
Play, including ROYGBIV Hopscotch and Paint Pallet Hopping Pads through crosswalks, artistically
painted Color Wheels, examples of Art Tools, Chalk Scribble Boards on corners, a 'Welcome' sidewalk
painted with the word  Welcome in different languages, and bits of colorful, Artful designs and
creatures along sidewalks on the way. The hope is that Artful Play will spread to all neighborhoods in
Richmond in the coming future. Activities like these teach color theory, primary,
secondary, tertiary color names and combinations, while promoting play and an awareness of colors
in the world that surrounds.

Artful Play Event at Grant Elementary on January 23, 2016

An event was held at Grant Elementary that illuminated the Artful Play Welcome Area and the Artful Play paths to to the community. A 'ribbon' cutting commenced with the school children ripping through the caution tape that gaurded the area until it was complete. Even through the rain, everyone had a wonderful time talking, enjoying the bright colors, drawing on the scribble walls, and playing 4 square ball games. The most impressive parts were the Artful Play Logo and other colorful artwork created by Grant School students and Miss Holly. But, the most fun is the ROYGBIV Hopscotch that teaches the colors of the rainbow and leads to the springy High Five Hand by the trash cans that will reward you for a good job keeping the area clean.

All event goers were encouraged to walk and play along the Artful Play areas through the neighborhood, on the day of the event and every day!

Once arriving back at the school, Artful Play was realized in the form of Kinetic Solar Art Sculptures for painting and drawing creation. These were temporarily installed in the school multi-purpose room. The panels were turned by children to create various patterns that cast upon the ground when the sun revealed them. A kinetic solar light play! The third kinetic sculpture was a large color wheel that had one fixed and one moving wheel, for children to mix primary into secondary colors that  cast colors onto the ground when the sun shines through. For example, when the light flashes through the yellow and red sections, orange is produced. The color wheel will be directed at the light patterns, casting colors into the beautiful array of a fine work of art!

The children were given paper to trace the patterns upon and encouraged to use the colors for inspiration for their paintings. Paint, paper, and brushes were provided as well as snacks and beverages. Coach Angie from Playworks was there to lead children in Playful Games and the school was presented with huge Imagination Playground Blocks for the children to Play and Build with.

A wonderful time was had by Parents, Children, Community Members, and Community Leaders!

Inspiration for the 'Artful Play Logo'. 
The Artist is Sarah from Grant Elementary School.