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1st annual Trick or Trick in Richmond

23rd Street Clean Up

A bright side in the 2016 election Urban Transformation worked with and unmotivated property owner (everyone has one in their hometown) and convinced him to lend the space to the city council candidate. Property owner didn't even want to fix the windows and wasn't inspired to even promote tenancy. For to omany excuses as to why he just let the building sit vacant. Amazing transformation with just two hours of TLC, a couple spray paint cans, and a touch of flowers. Several potential tenants took notice. It took dedicated stakeholders. Managed to convince the property owner to lease to a scooter store owner with a viable business plan. Sometimes you just gotta nurture and inspire property owners, one at a time. Stay tuned for more revitilization tales as Urban Transformation transforms 23rd Street, one building at a time!

Richmond: New play area at Grant Elementary first step in revitalizing a forgotten neighborhood (Contra Costa Times)

On Oakland's Urban Transformation (Oakland Local)

Alternatives to Predatory Lending:
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"Temescal Flows" mural project in North Oakland beautifies area under freeway, connects neighborhoods (Oakland Tribune)
What Turns Around A Neighborhood? We Asked An Expert in Urban Revitalization: Darlene Rios Drapkin (Oakbook)
Oakland areas bloom with community benefit districts (San Francisco Business Times)
Handling Diversity Issues: from the Oakland Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle
Neighborhood Comes Together Around New Market: North Oakland's sprawling Oasis Food Market calls attention to the area's burgeoning cluster of Middle Eastern shops and residents. (East Bay Express)
Oakland's Temescal Goes From Rundown to Reborn: How local merchants found success after years of work to attract new businesses and reshape their neighborhood. (Wall Street Journal)
Temescal Street Cinema energizes district: Temescal Street Cinema, an outdoor film series, helps encourage a sense of community in the neighborhood. "It's like taking back the streets, creating a community event at night," says Darlene.
Temescal is where it's at: Business Improvement District helps turn 94609 into one of Oakland's trendiest ZIP codes (Oakland Tribune). Read the latest about Darlene transforming Temescal.
Bringing Life to a Neighborhood: Dia De Los Muertos in Fruitvale, California (Culturalheritagetourism.org). Darlene talks about the unique festival that has become one of Oakland's most successful events, helping demonstrate the value of cultures, creativity, and cooperation.
An Estuary Runs By It: The Flowering of Fruitvale (Baycrossings.com). An interview with Darlene about how the Fruitvale Main Street Program and the Unity Council helped revitalize a blighted community.
Oakland Emerging (Roadage.com). Darlene describes how the Main Street approach helped instill a sense of pride in the Fruitvale district.
Cities Trying to Limit Pay Phones: Oakland considers toughest law yet to thwart criminal element (San Francisco Chronicle). Pay phones are being attacked as the latest scourge in the urban battle against crime and grime.
Redwood City Downtown (PDF)

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